Max Players


Minimum Age Requirement


Escape Rate

Top Escape Time (Min.Seconds)

Difficulty Level (Out of 5)

Children under 16 must be accompanied by at least one adult (21 and over)  from their own party who will be in the room with them.


Enter the House of Vincent and Margaret Harden, the newest residence of the neighborhood. Explore through their house and follow along the story. But beware, if you uncover the truth you may just find the not so happy ending.

[File 1]

September 21, 1950

We used to live in the city, before finally deciding to move out to the suburbs. It took a lot of convincing on Margaret’s part to get me out here. In the middle of nowhere! Yeah it was dirty and loud all the time, but it was the center where everything was! The lights were like stars in the sky. And we gave it all up, for what? For a piece of land with two garages and a white picket fence. I love Margaret and Cindy, but I hate it out here. The silence is eerie. It’s quiet, too quiet. And the neighbors! Sweetest people I’ve met. But too sweet, like the taste of raw honey in your mouth that starts hurting your teeth. I feel like I’m going crazy out here!…”

Vincent Harden

[File 2]

September 29, 1950

“I know Vincent doesn’t like it out here, but I think it’s what’s best for our family. Cindy is about to start the 4th grade and she can’t be running back and forth in the city, it’s a very dangerous place out there. And just look outside, we have a yard! We could never get that living in our old 2 bedroom apartment. I know the neighbors really bother Vincent, but he’ll come around. They can come off a little strong, smiling all the time, but I don’t have the heart in me to tell them that. I always hated the noise in the city. All the cars and people made it so I could never get a good night’s rest. But now…it’s dead quiet out here.”

Margaret Harden

[File 3]

October 5, 1950

“Our house is so big here, but I’m really lonely here. I cried for days because I had to say goodbye to all of my friends. If I had known it meant I would never see my friends again, I would have never left. Mommy and daddy are always fighting even though they try to hide it. I know daddy is always upset, but mommy likes it here. I just met Sally, our neighbor, she goes to the same school with me! She seems really nice. She even told me to go over to her place to play later, I think I just might.”

Cindy Harden