What is an escape room?
An escape room is a physical adventure game where you must solve clues and puzzles to escape.
Are we really locked in a room?
No, the door will either be unlocked, or there will be a spare key in your room with you.
How old do you have to be to play?

Please refer to the rooms’ descriptions (under “THE ROOMS“) for more details. Children under 16 must be accompanied by at least one adult (21 and over)  from their own party who will be in the room with them.

How long does each session last?
About one hour and 15 minutes total to an hour and 30 minutes. Please plan to arrive 15-20 minutes before your start time (does not apply to Private Parties)! This is essential. When you arrive you will receive a quick briefing of thegame. You will be placed in the room and will have 60 minutes to get out.This will leave some time afterwards for funphotos with our cool props!
Will I be placed with strangers?

If you reserve less than the full amount of spaces for the room, there is a very high chance you will be placed with other people in a session. But honestly, with the right people it would only make the experience better! 

To guarantee a room exclusively to yourselves, you need to buy all of the spots.

How much is it?

$27 not including tax.

Do you sell gift certificates?
We do! Contact us for more info!
Do I need a reservation?

Yes, a reservation is necessary, but thankfully you can book online easily!

Just click any of the book now buttons or click here.

What if we need to change a booking or cancel?

If you cancel before 24 hours of your booking, you will get a full refund. Please note that if you cancel within 24 hours of your booking time, your credit card will be charged an amount equal to 50% of your full booking, even if you were using a gift certificate.

How far in advance should I book?
We recommend booking as far in advance as possible to ensure your desired date and time are available. To add a reservation outside of our normal business hours check our  private booking page.
What happens if I arrive late?
We ask that you arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your scheduled time (does not apply to Private Parties). This is essential to everyone’s experience, especially if you have not reserved the entire room to yourselves! The door to the room locks at the time you signed up for. You may not be permitted into the room if you are late. There are no refunds or rescheduling in this scenario. Please account for the traffic and plan accordingly.
You should wear comfortable clothing and footwear.
Spread Out
Unless otherwise stated, everything is pretty much game when it comes to escape rooms. 
Think Outside the Box
This one sounds obvious, but make sure you think of every possible way to solve a puzzle before moving on.
Don't Overcomplicate Things
At the same time, make sure not to overthink simple problems.

Make sure you communicate with the rest of your team, often time clues to puzzles can be looked over when one person finds it but not the rest of the group.

Stick To Your Strengths

More likely than not, some people on your team are better at searching while others are better at making analytical connections. So make sure everyone sticks to their strengths when it comes to trying to beat the room.


When you’re stuck on a puzzle, the best thing you can do is have a level head — impatience usually leads to rushing things and skipping over crucial steps.