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August 20, 2017

“Did both rooms (ventriloquist and cold case killer) back to back with a couple of friends and really loved both. From the moment you walk in the lobby you realize you’re already in a fantastic world. Andy and the team clearly has put in a ton of love and care in crafting of the rooms. Great production design, fun themes and good puzzles (no guessing random things – you can actually think your way through everything). Again – clearly made by folks who LOVE escape rooms and who have a talent for it and want to give you as good an experience as possible. Can’t wait to do whatever they create next!”

Jake Werner,  The box escape room has a 5 star rating on Facebook. Tell us about your experience by leaving a review on Facebook.

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May 22, 2017

“The Box is hands down my favorite escape experience in Charlotte! I very much enjoyed both rooms, and have trouble pickling a favorite. If you’re looking for an escape room in the area, The Box is an absolute must! Remember to read the case files!”

Brandon Taylor S.,  The box escape room has a 5 star rating on Facebook. Tell us about your experience by leaving a review on Facebook.

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May 22, 2017

Had a fantastic time in the Cold Case Killer room. Be sure to read the case files before you arrive! Easily my favorite story of any of the 10 or so escape rooms I’ve done so far.

Andy did a great job of setting the scene before we entered and answering our questions afterwards.

Johnathan B.,  The box escape room has a 5 star rating on Facebook. Tell us about your experience by leaving a review on Facebook.

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April 23, 2017

“I have done a lot of rooms and this is one of my favorite rooms I have done. It’s fun and clever. I really enjoyed the experience. I will be back to complete the ventriloquist room.”

Curly C.,  The box escape room has a 5 star rating on Facebook. Tell us about your experience by leaving a review on Facebook.

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January 18, 2017

“The Box is so good that I had to go twice in one week! Having done around 20+ escape rooms in the past year and a half, it’s clear to me The Box separates itself from the competition with its excellent staff. Big shout out to Andy – he does a great job getting customers into the experience from the moment they walk into the door. Difficulty-wise the rooms aren’t overwhelming and are beginner-friendly. My recommendation: if you successfully escape from one of the rooms, take a moment and chat with the staff afterwards about some of the things you might not have noticed in the room (thematically, procedurally, etc.) – a great deal of detail went into the creation of their two rooms. Excited to see what the future holds for The Box. Do yourself a favor and stop by if you’re ever near Charlotte, you won’t regret it.”

Mitchell S.,  The box escape room has a 5 star rating on Facebook. Tell us about your experience by leaving a review on Facebook.

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January 15, 2017

“I love this place and the people! The attendant is very nice and welcoming and stays in character throughout to make the experience feel genuine. I’ve been twice and each time we leave the place in smiles. The game masters are very friendly and take the time to join us after our escape to talk to us about our experience and answer any last questions we have about the things inside their rooms.”

Anna T.,  The box escape room has a 5 star rating on Facebook. Tell us about your experience by leaving a review on Facebook.

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January 18, 2017

“Been to almost every escape room and this was by far one of the best experiences! The staff was very professional and made the experience worth coming back for a second time. The room Cold Case killer was definitely fun and challenging. Definitely need to think outside of the box. Will be back again to do the Vantriloquist room!”

Wes H.,  The box escape room has a 5 star rating on Facebook. Tell us about your experience by leaving a review on Facebook.

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October 2017

“The Ventriloquist was a great room, can’t wait to come back again! It was challenging but not impossible. The atmosphere was perfect and the creepy music made it feel even more real. Lainey was a great host! Her clues were possibly the best I’ve experienced in escape rooms; she never outright told us what to do but also wasn’t so obtuse that it was unhelpful. They were perfect hints. Thanks for making our time that much more fun!”

Allie C.,   

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November 2017

“The Box is one of the best in Charlotte. The rooms are unique and exciting. There are some unique elements that I have not seen in any of the 70 rooms I have visited. One of the designers whom works at the escape room really helped make the experience, he was engaging and funny.”

Anthony D.,  

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October 2017

“Had an awesome time here! You walk in and immediately you’re immersed in a spooky atmosphere which added a good bit of fun instead of just having a boring waiting room. Room was challenging but still exciting. The host, Andy, was extremely friendly and had a unique way of giving clues that I felt added to the room’s setting. Highly recommend and can’t wait to do the other room!”

Elaine M.,  

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October 2017

“I’ve done dozens of escape rooms and this one had elements I have never seen before. My adult daughter and I throughly enjoyed Cold Case and for the first time ever at an escape room, we felt a little guilty about escaping. Certainly a must do in the area”

Joshua D.,   

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October 2017

“My first time !! Went as a team building exercise with coworkers!!
It was so much fun can’t stop thinking about it!! We tried- Cold Case! Didn’t crack the case by only a couple of clues! It draws you in to want to try again! I wanted to stay in town just to go to the 2nd Room! I’m hooked!! Had a blast!!”

Trip Advisor User: notfunanymore,   

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October 2017

“At first I had no clue what to expect, I was so freaked out by the music and was hesitant if someone was going to jump from behind the curtains and scare us. The puzzle were challenging and if you don’t work as a team there is no way you are getting out of there. It was 5 of us and we got out. Andrew was very nice and gave us advised before we went it, took pictures and talked to us about how we manage to get out of the room.”

Aimee C.,  

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November 6, 2017

“We decided to go out as a family. My 2 kids(21) and (17) have been to a few before and liked them. I always wanted to try it, so we chose The Box based on reviews. It was a first for me, my husband and the 2 friends my kids brought. We decided to do the Cold Case Killer. It was so fun! It was challenging to get through and we did have to ask for some clues, but we made it out with 2 minutes to go! Mind you that was with 6 of us!
I’m glad my kids have been to other ones, because they knew what to do. For example, I was trying to keep everything neat and tidy in the house, and my kids said mom it’s ok, your supposed to move around everything and make a mess. LOL
Andy who works there is great and we loved him, he was funny and really played the part so well. He made us feel special and at home.
I can’t review on the other one, since we didn’t do that one yet, but if you want a great experience go do the Cold Case. I promise you will have a fun yet challenging time!”

Nadine S.,  

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February 2, 2017

“Our escape team went and played both rooms at the Box and highly recommend that all escape room junkies go check this place out. Since they are a new player in the escape room industry, they are not on the same level in terms of scenic design as Codescape or Exit Strategy, however, their gameplay is great and the staff’s enthusiasm is infectious. They go above and beyond to really put you into the story for each room, right from when you walk in the door. Once word gets out about them, I think they will show us a lot with future rooms and I can’t wait to play them as well.”

Trip Advisor User: javert001,   

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January 18, 2017

“Such a great new addition to the escape room scene in Charlotte! The owners are very passionate and make your experience the best possible. The rooms are the best I’ve seen around the area! Can’t wait for the next room to open! Thanks again!”

Chelsea N., 

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March 16, 2017

“Thank you to The Box for a great experience! Booking online was easy!  Our group did the Ventriloquist Room and as soon as we came in the staff was in character from the beginning from when we started filling out the waivers til the very end when we took our victory picture! 

The room was GREAT, very detailed. The riddles were challenging and you can pick your difficulties on either being limited clues or unlimited clues just based on you.

They are a new company but they handle everything with great passion which I really admire! Go check them out!”

Michelle M., 

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January 18, 2017

“This place is amazing!!! The owners are truly passionate about their work! You can tell that from the moment you walk into the shop! I left each time feeling accomplished and adequately challenged. The rooms really get you thinking and working together in order to escape!!!”

Lindsella M., 


The Box Escape Room Experience is a one of a kind fully immersive experience. Do you have what it takes to escape?